Friday, 30 March 2018

Driver-Less Bus Tours Of Ireland

Butlers Tours Launch The First Ever Driver-Less Bus Tour of Ireland.

Save Money !

Our tour guides can now handle 4 tours of Ireland at one time from our futuristic HQ.


When Nature Calls!

In keeping with our ethos of making every tour tailor made to our customers requirements we are taking it to the next level.

Kevin Butler himself developed an App for your smart phone to communicate privately with your guide in HQ.

This is perfect if you find yourself caught off guard when nature calls or you fancy relaxing with cup a tea and scone in a local artisan Irish Coffee shop.

Self Cleaning Buses!

You get to clean them yourself.

Just to enhance the authentic experience, we will supply your group with top quality Irish made cleaning supplies and a check list for cleaning the coach after the tour daily. 

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Disaster Plan.

As ever at Butlers Tours we always put safety first so we have produced a brief "How to drive a Bus" video.

So if your Driver-Less bus loses wi-fi connection with HQ and you find you need to manage the winding roads of Ireland yourself. 

No problem!! Just look a our "How to" video in our app and take control.


Book now to experience your exciting tour.

Happy 1st of April 😄

From all at Butlers.        

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